Two Men in a Boat Fishing- Newhaven Art Club member, Artist Lorrayne Chambers

Two Men in a Boat Fishing- Newhaven Art Club member, Artist Lorrayne Chambers

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Artist: Lorrayne A Chambers

Artist: Lorrayne A Chambers

Two Men in a Boat - Newhaven Art Club member, Artist Lorrayne Chambers

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Lorrayne Chambers

Peacehaven, East Sussex
Landscapes, Portraits, Murals and Miniatures in Acrylics and Oils

Phone: 07983 550953
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Instagram: @lachambersartist

About The Artist

I moved to Sussex 1981 and decided to stay. I love being beside the sea.

I have no formal training, but have painted and sketched from an early age, inspired by my late mum. I have recently given up work to concentrate on what I love; my art and my puppy.

I sold my first painting when I was 18 which was a Berber tribesman to a lady in Zambia. I have sold quite a few paintings since 1978, from miniatures, to a stage backdrop. I paint mostly in oil or acrylic and will attempt any subject, although I enjoy doing portraits and pet portraits.

En Plein Air Art - Rye, East Sussex - English Landscape Artist Lorrayne Chambers

En Plein Air Art - Rye, East Sussex - English Landscape Artist Lorrayne Chambers

Brighton Pier - Commissions Invited - East Sussex Coastal Artist Lorrayne Chambers
Mini Pictures Painted to Order - Peacehaven Coastal and Portrait Artist Lorrayne Chambers
Sydney Opera House - Oil Painting - Artist Lorrayne Chambers

Art Group

I have just recently re-joined the Newhaven Art Club.

Lily Pond Painting – Crowborough East Sussex Wildlife and Landscape Artist Yulia Francis

Lily Pond Painting – Crowborough East Sussex Wildlife and Landscape Artist Yulia Francis

Art, Painting Commissions and Prints from Sussex Artists

Artist: Yulia Francis

Artist: Yulia Francis

Lily Pond Painting - Crowborough East Sussex Artist Yulia Francis
Image Size: 24″ x 30″ / 61cm x 76cm
Art Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Original Painting Price: Please Contact the Artist

Commissions Invited

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Yulia Francis

Crowborough, East Sussex

Wildlife Paintings and Pet Portraiture

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Instagram: yuliafrancisart

Folksy: yuliafrancisart

Gallery Of Art

About The Artist

Hello and thank you for visiting my art pages. I really hope that you enjoy scrolling through.

I have been creating art ever since I can remember. I attended art school as a child between the ages of 7 and 13. Sadly, I have not been very active as an artist for the majority of my life, but I have decided to pick up a brush again at the beginning of 2023.

I live and create in East Sussex taking inspiration from anything around me, I especially see a lot of beauty in nature and enjoy pouring that inspiration out on canvas in my own way. My preferred painting medium is acrylic paint on canvas or board, however in my artistic journey I am always open to discovering new ways to create and am looking forward to seeing where this will take me.

I am a member of Crowborough Art Society (Sussex) and Royal Tunbridge Wells Art Society (Kent).

Coastal Painting - Sailboat by Yulia Francis Crowborough East Sussex Artist

Art Groups / Exhibitions

I am a member of Crowborough Art Society (Sussex) and Royal Tunbridge Wells Art Society (Kent).

Koi Ballet – Gill Bustamante – 3D Canvas Art – Sussex Artists Gallery

Koi Ballet – Gill Bustamante – 3D Canvas Art – Sussex Artists Gallery

Art, Painting Commissions & Prints from Sussex Artists

Artist: Gill Bustamante
(Forest Row, East Sussex)

Artist: Gill Bustamante
(Forest Row, East Sussex)

Koi Ballet - Gill Bustamante - 3D Canvas Art - Sussex Artists Gallery

Koi Ballet

“Koi Ballet” is painted in thick glossy paint using reds, oranges, yellows and deep blues.
If koi fish ever take up ballet – this is how it would look. This painting is almost as harmonious as a real koi pond and will look good in any contemporary space. I am fond of fish and suspect they know a lot more about life than they let on.

Oil Painting For Sale

Image Size: Approx 40″ x 40″ x 1.5″

Price: £1500 (free delivery in UK – contact me for delivery quote if not in UK)
Order shipped within 5 days. Email me once you have paid, with your name, address and any delivery instructions.

Prints also available.

Contact The Artist

Gill Bustamante B.A.

Forest Row, East Sussex

Fine Artist and Art Tutor

Address: 49 Hartfield Road, Forest Row, East Sussex, RH18 5BY, England

Mobile: 07815 036 576

Phone: 01342 826 676

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About The Artist

As a child, I taught myself to draw and paint by copying animals and horses out of books on an almost daily basis. I was helped in formulating the purpose to be an artist by watching Rolf Harris on the TV (and no I don’t care what the press says about him – he is a brilliant artist and an inspirational teacher). In 1979 I did a foundation course at Chelsea and then a degree course at Brighton where I graduated in 1982 with a fine art degree in sculpture. I then worked in a studio on the seafront for a while making sculptures with an architect for clubs and hotels.

On moving to East Grinstead in the late 80's, I began painting for an art agent that specialised in animal, people and bespoke portraits and soon became skilled at painting dogs and horses in a classical style. I also took on mural painting commissions and wrote and illustrated a few children's books.

In the late 90's I began teaching art adult education courses for Central Sussex College as well as running my own art courses. I sell my paintings mostly in on-line galleries but also through galleries and exhibitions. I have exhibited at the Mall galleries in London, Chelsea open exhibition, local galleries such as Chequer Mead, East Grinstead, The Hawth Theatre, Sheffield Park, Lingfield, Brighton festival, Shoreham gallery and many others.

My goal is a) to paint a masterpiece one day b) help other people to get the thrill from their creating their own art that I get.

Video - Gill Introduces Her Art

The Video is best seen larger by rotating your phone to get maximum width.

My Motivation

My inspiration simply comes from painting things that I have actually seen – often from memory. I find that if I paint something I have seen - that it is what was imprinted on my memory that emerges on the canvas - but it will also be altered into a symmetry and pattern that pleases me. My six years studying art at college was well spent, learning to draw skilfully and learning about composition, colours, tones and shapes. I know my basics quite well and find that this is essential to the creation of most impressive pieces of art. I think that the best paintings in this world have ‘little souls’ woven into them by the artist and this is what makes people desire them (or not). This what I try to do. Sometimes I succeed well and sometimes I don’t, but it keeps me endlessly entertained.

Painting Demo Video - Watercolour Dog Portrait

A step by step portrait demonstration of a black dog being painted in watercolour by Sussex artist, Gill Bustamante.

The Video is best seen larger by rotating your phone to get maximum width.

Art Awards!

Like many artists I sometimes describe myself as an ‘award winning artist’ for PR reasons. It is true but I rarely mention what the awards were so in the interest of integrity, here are my awards:

a) When I was 4 and in a convent school I won the ‘best painting of an angel’ competition. I won a handkerchief and a plastic flower.

b) When I was 9 I came first in a local painting competition for painting a picture of my house. It was a surprise as I had chucked it away a few weeks earlier when I got cross with it – not knowing my Dad had found it in the bin and entered into the competition. I still have the photo that was in the local paper of me looking simultaneously stupid, pleased and disgusted as the Mayor gave me my prize. I won a £5 book token.

c) When I was 11. I became the proud owner of a Blue Peter badge which I won for painting an underwater scene in a competition in 1979. I won a plastic badge with a boat on it.

d) When I was 37. I won an award for best wildlife painting in an on-line competition where people voted for best painting. I never got my prize as the website went down a week later.

e) When I was 48. I won first prize in the Danehill Art Fair. I won £250 (yay – an actual prize!)

That was possibly the best my illustrious competition winning career is going to get but at least I can genuinely call myself ‘award winning’ – impressive eh?

Customer Recommendations

"Gill is a superb artist whose paintings exude life and emotions. She has done a superb job for us, I could never have hoped for better."
Dominique Cook – Director at Narconon

"I have had the pleasure of auctioning Gill's work at various fundraising events where she has donated works for charitable donations and the quality and detail of her work has always created gasps in the audience and has also helped the organisations I have worked for producing very rewarding bids which is a testament to her standards as an artist."
Mike Ricketts - Practice Manager at The Weight Loss Centre

"For Gill Bustamante each painting speaks more than a thousand words, each picture has a personality all of its own. It is like time has stood still at that particular point in time.
She is a brilliant artist and I have seen her art evolve over the last few years, she has captured seasons and nature with the upmost detail and her art is really reaching out to its intended audience."
Trish Parkinson - Director - Renewable Energy at Smart Green

"Gill's paintings are exquisite. The movement in her horses is exceptional and I love viewing her work. She has an uncanny ability to depict animals as if they are in motion right in front of you, they seem so alive. I would unhesitatingly recommend Gill as an animal portrait artist."
Liz Bailey – Published Author

"Gill is a fantastic and talented artist"
Julie Boyle, Owner at B Gallery

“Gill is a brilliant teacher. She is a great artist and her animal portraits are beautiful and full of life. She really captures the unique characteristics and personality of her model, whether they are horses or cats... I would love for her to make a portrait of my cat!"
Christine Sotiriou – French Teacher and Counsellor

"I have bought a number of Gill's paintings for myself and to give as presents over the years - I see them hanging in pride of place in several houses. Her portrait of my brother's dog is an incredible likeness and really captures the spirit of a much-loved family pet."
Andrea Grant-Webb - Owner, Broomfield Books Limited

"Magical images of animal portraits, colourful and delightful . . . a child's dream world . . ."
Stefania Priori - Designer & Sales Director at Gorgeous Bunch

"Gill's portraits are exceptionally alive and full of colour. Her animal portraits reflect real character and personality as well as being beautiful works in themselves."
Mike Garside - Owner of Good Reputations Marketing Consultancy

"Gill is a tremendously talented painter, and I have one of her pictures hanging in my house."
Malcolm Gellatly - Director at TMS Systems Ltd

"Gill does the best Animal Portraits I've ever seen. They are fantastic!"
Teresa Kane - Office Manager at The Bath Business