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Artist: Marigold Plunkett

Artist: Marigold Plunkett

Portrait of Irena - Marigold Plunkett - Sussex Artist - Portraits in Oil

Portrait of Irena

Art Medium: Oil
Image Size: 35cm x 35cm
Price guide: from £500

Commissions Invited

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Marigold Plunkett

Portraits in Oil, Drawings and Printmaking

Commissions Invited

Phone: 07799 634 845
Please mention the Sussex Artists website
Instagram: @marigoldplunkett.artist

About The Artist

Marigold is a painter-printmaker. Her primary focus is portraiture, in print and in oils. She has recently graduated with an MA in Printmaking from Camberwell College of Arts.

She has focused on women in the arts, developing her portraiture through the self-portrait, as she continues to focus upon themes of femininity and identity.

Marigold has exhibited her work in London, Sussex, Surrey and Kent and she welcomes commission enquiries.

An important part of her commission criteria is that she meets her sitter and takes reference photos and sketches, to support the final portrait. Marigold does not work from photos alone as this affects the quality of the portrait.

For further information, follow her on Instagram, or take a look at her website. Alternatively, contact her by phone, or email.