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Artist: Jennifer Morris

Artist: Jennifer Morris

Portrait Of Horse - Woodlander Firefly - Jennifer Morris - Equestrian and Pet Portraiture Artist - Sussex Art Gallery

Portrait of Horse – Woodlander Firefly

Art Medium: Pastels on Standard Pastel Paper

Commissions Invited

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Phone: 07539 624 690
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Gallery Of Portraits - Current Style

Gallery Of Portraits - Earlier Style

About The Artist

Jennifer is a 25 year-old self-taught portrait artist based in West Sussex. She recently completed a BSc Psychology with Neuroscience, however her life-long love of art has taken over and she is now successfully working full-time as an artist, working primarily with a mix of pastels and colour pencil.

Her usual subjects are dogs and horses, however she has also been commissioned to draw other pets, more exotic animals, people and the occasional building: she is always open to a challenge!

Jennifer has grown up around animals and has previously worked with both animals and people in emotional capacities. Thus in her art, she is particularly keen to observe and reproduce the emotion and life presented by both animals and humans and is often complimented on the expression and liveliness in the eyes of her subjects.

She does enjoy producing her own original works for sale and sometimes runs stalls at art and craft fairs, however generally, her commission-based work takes up all of her time: work which she finds incredibly rewarding. Her commissions usually come from the UK but the occasional international request does crop up and she is always happy to oblige.

She has three dogs and a horse, all of whom act as unending inspiration and a husband who is eternally patient with her long working hours and dedication to her work.

Painting Style

Jennifer's style has developed since some of the paintings on this site were published. To see her current style, please see the first 3 paintings in the Portraits Gallery (above) on this site and her Facebook page.


Jennifer now offers private tuition and is open to developing group lessons.

Portrait Commissions

Affordable yet realistic traditional portraits of your favourite pets - be it anything from horse to hound - or your loved ones in a variety of traditional tools to suit your needs. However you want it, when you want it!

The artwork can be produced in the medium of your choosing. I usually work with coloured chalk pastels as they produce a soft, warm effect which is perfect when representing your loved ones. Standard portrait sizes are 12 x 9" or 16 x 12" however, I can use any size paper and any medium from chalk pastels, to charcoal, to graphite pencil, to coloured pencil, to oil pastel!

All you need to do is provide me with a few photographs of the person or animal you wish to be drawn (alternatively, if you don't have any photos and are in the Sussex area I can visit you and photograph the subject myself at an extra cost). Let me know what medium you'd like me to use and when you'd like it to be done by. Due to a high volume of work, commissions usually take about 6 weeks to be produced, however, if you need it earlier we can work something out and leave the rest to me!

I can add in, alter or remove details at your request. Artistic license is a great thing!

It's best to email me to discuss exactly what you would like and we can go from there.

Portraits Price Guide

6 x 9" - £100
7 x 10" - £120
9 x 12" - £150
12 x 16" - £225
14 x 19.5" - £300
19.5 x 27.5" - £400
Note: Prices listed are based on a bust (head and shoulders) portrait of one subject. Further subjects, full-body portraits, backgrounds etc. can be arranged for a bespoke price.

Payment plans are available - discuss with me and we can see what works with your budget.

Please contact the artist (details above).