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Artist: Frankie Lüschitz

Artist: Frankie Lüschitz

Kitsune Moon - Contemporary Black & White Art - Artist Frankie Lüschitz
Art Medium: Pigma Micron Pens over a Pencil Sketch then flashed to negative with editing software
Original Art Price: £18
8″ x 10″ Matte Prints Available
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Frankie Lüschitz

Alternative Punk Artist drawing inspiration from music, poetry and culture.

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Facebook: artofalienstore
Instagram: art.of.aliens

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Based in East Sussex, Frankie is an alternative punk artist who draws inspiration from music, poetry and culture. Although early into her journey in the art world, her overall goal is to become a tattoo artist. Frankie uses art as a cathartic expression and shows the world through her imagination. Most of her artwork is pencil and pen work but she does also experiment with paints. Her aim is to create a space where humans who feel slightly different can take comfort and feel as though they aren't alone.

Frankie is autistic and hopes to speak up for the neurodivergent community through her expressive art which could hopefully make a change however large or small it may be.

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Not currently a member of an East Sussex Art Group or Art Society.